The Water Smart Grass Solution

In Anaheim, as well as throughout Orange County you probably notice a lot of people removing their sod and replacing it with either desert landscaping (xeriscaping) or even artificial grass.  While this may not be the same type of landscaping that you knew as a child, especially if you grew up in another part of the country where grass and trees grew naturally, it is the type of evolution that is necessary in today’s age.  Southern California has been in a severe drought situation for several years, and while there is a glimmer of hope that we may see it easing a bit due to more rainfall than typical lately, there is no real sign that it is coming to an end.  There are many debates as to the cause of the drought, ranging from climate change to natural weather patterns, but knowing why it is happening does not alleviate the current situation.  There is currently not enough water in the reservoir system to comfortably service all of the people in our area with drinking water, and as a result there have been measures put in place by city and county officials to limit the water waste by our residents.  This imposes watering restrictions on all citizens, and does not allow you to water your plants and lawn outside of specific days and times.  There are those who are against these types of measures because they cause the landscaping to suffer and potentially die in the hot summer months, but we must understand that these measures are not in place specifically to hurt Anaheim residents.  They are in place to protect us from drinking water shortages by cutting back on non-essential water usage.  No, your yard and landscaping are not essential to survival, so they have to suffer so that the people do not.

Anaheim encourages residents to install artificial grass, and remove their living lawns in order to install more water smart solutions.  These types of efforts can save about 55 gallons of water per year for every foot of grass that is removed and replaced by something that does not need watering.  When these numbers are extended to the millions of homeowners in Southern California, you can easily see how the conservation effort can save millions of gallons of water every year if we all pitch in.  So if you just cannot bear to look out on your yard and see desert landscaping and rock, you might want to consider calling us for the installation of artificial turf.  The process involves removing your current sod and water loving plants and preparing the ground.  We shape the ground to your specifications, install weed barriers and underlay materials for cushioning, and then install synthetic grass products on top.  These artificial grass products look and feel like real grass, and are carefully staked to the ground to make sure they stay feeling that way.  Modern synthetic products do not discolor and fad the way older ones do, so you can rest assured that your investment in artificial grass will not only do your part to conserve water, but will also last for a long, long time.  Call us to find out more about water smart landscaping solutions.

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