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Much more stylish than traditional cement walkways, paver sidewalk installation can make the walkway leading up to your home lively and vibrant. With professional paver walkways and sidewalk installation, you can individualize your design to match your home’s personality.

For commercial properties, and neighborhood recreation areas, paver walkways are a wonderful investment in style and panache.

Coastal Greenscapes, Orange County’s water wise landscape design company, has an endless array of design ideas to compliment your home or commercial property.  We specialize in decorative pavers for your walkways, sidewalk, driveway, walls and more.  Coastal Greenscapes’ paver sidewalk installation is professionally executed, from design to the first foot fall.

Step in Style With Paver Walkways & Sidewalks

Walkways and footpaths are functional, it’s true.  You and your guests would much rather trod a sidewalk to your door than hobble over grass, or uneven ground.  sidewalk installation is a practical endeavor, but who says practical can’t be stylish.  Coastal Greenscapes stunning pavers can create the one-of-a-kind walkway you desire to enhance the look of your beautiful home.

Professional sidewalk installation is the key to enhancing your home with your unique paver walkway.  Preparing the ground and leveling the area where your pavers will be installed isn’t something for the inexperienced.  Coastal Greenscapes will install your new walkway to your complete satisfaction.

Our pavers are made to withstand California’s sometimes-intense weather patterns.  The lack of rain and moisture, nor the heavy rains that sometimes come our way, will change the path of your pavers. Your unique pavers come in several different styles, colors, and materials.

Homeowners all over Orange, and surrounding counties, are benefitting from paver walkway and sidewalk installation.  Coastal Greenscapes is leading the way in innovative design and management of paver projects.  ur team of paver engineers can also repair and replace any damaged pavers you may have, making your walkway, patio, driveway or wall look as beautiful as the day it was installed.

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Change direction on your home’s exterior and make a grand entrance your focal point.  Contact Coastal Greenscapes for more information on walkway and sidewalk installation.  Why not arrive in style?

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