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Athletic Fields

No one knows better than those of us in Southern California the preciousness of water as a commodity.  Filling our swimming pools is extremely costly, if allowed at all.  Many homeowners in and around Orange County have had to come up with creative ways to deal with landscape maintenance, and sadly, we can only watch, helplessly, as our parks and green space die in the ongoing drought.

For local recreation centers and athletic fields, not being able to maintain the natural turf means fields that are less than desirable for practice and play.  The drought in Southern California, and ensuing water shortage has spurred a bevy of inventive solutions for maintaining professional, college, high school, municipal, and private sports fields.  Maintenance costs are a real concern for many of these schools and organizations and turning to artificial turf has become the favored option.

Is Artificial Turf a Good Solution for Athletics Fields?

Artificial turf has come a long way in the nearly 50 years since it’s inception.  From the original astroturf that was little more than a plastic green mat, to later varieties that looked more authentic but still felt very fake, artificial turf had many drawbacks for athletics fields.  Artificial turf, both indoor and outdoor, was blamed for an increase in injuries after it’s installation in several pro arenas.

Later, concern began to arise about the toxic compounds used in artificial turf.  Many people began to voice concerns about the safety of the playing fields that used synthetic grass, questioning the possibility of the release of certain volatile compounds into the air.

Added to concerns about the toxicity of synthetic grass was a concern for the physical well-being of those participating in sports-particularly children-due to artificial turf’s tendency to absorb heat.  Hotter fields meant higher risk of heat-related injuries, and dehydration.

More and more athletic fields went back to natural grass, and continued with the care and maintenance natural turf requires. Meanwhile, the manufacturers of synthetic turf began removing the compounds and agents thought to be toxic.  Coastal Greenspace, Orange County’s water-wise landscape design company, secured a relationship with a top artificial turf manufacturer, bringing a truly non-toxic, earth friendly and non-threatening to pets and children artificial turf.

A Water-Wise Turf Solution

Now, the playing field has changed, both figuratively and literally.  This non-toxic artificial turf can be used for athletic fields with confidence.  Our synthetic turf for athletics fields is such a close match to the real thing that most people are surprised to find out it’s not natural grass.  Best of all, for those in and around Southern California, Coastal Greenscapes’ artificial turf requires no water and very little maintenance.

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If your athletic field has suffered due to the current water restrictions in and around Orange County, consider artificial turf from Coastal Greenscapes.  Our natural-looking synthetic turf is cost-efficient and will always give you the home field advantage.  To discuss your options for artificial turf for your athletic fields, contact Coastal Greenscapes.

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