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Patio Lighting Design

For many homes in the Orange County area, outdoor lighting proves to be a wonderful way to accentuate landscaping, while providing light around outdoor living areas.  Patio lighting is a seamless way to bring the inside out, extend your living space, and get the most out of your home’s landscaping and exterior area.

Coastal Greenscapes is Southern California’s premier landscape and lighting specialist.  Long recognized for our water wise landscape design, Coastal Greenscapes design specialists take their expertise and apply it to outdoor lighting as well.  We can engineer and implement custom lighting that showcases your home in the most exceptional way.

Our light-scape experts are proficient in all areas of exterior lighting, and patio lighting installation.  Showing your exterior space in the best possible light is what we do.  Your patio lighting project will be treated with the utmost attention to detail, with your satisfaction is our number one priority.

From Pinterest, and online design sites, to popular television shows, enhancing exterior living space is the project of the decade .  No longer is it acceptable-or expected-to have a lackluster patio enhanced by ‘tiki torches’ and a blinding porch light. Your exterior light placement is as crucial to your patio design as furniture and well-appointed accessories.

Of course, your patio lighting also needs to be functional, incorporating safety into your home’s outdoor living area as well as ambience.  With this purpose in mind, professional outdoor lighting installation is essential.  Coastal Greenscapes is unparalleled in professional lighting for beauty and safety in Orange County.

Illuminating your deck or patio takes professional planning.  Haphazard placement of lamps and lighting can take away from your exterior living space, rather than enhance the area as you intended, and leave your guests in the dark.  Incorrect wiring poses a risk to your family and home, as well as surrounding areas.

Professional technicians and electrical experts are essential to the success of your patio lighting installation.  You need an expert in lighting who understands your vision and will take every measure to ensure your complete satisfaction. For your patio lighting installation, exterior light-scaping, water wise landscape design, or any of our services, please contact Coastal Greenscapes.

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