Do Your Part In Orange County

Orange County will usually look quite lush and green, and is widely known for our ability to grow nearly any type of plant including things like citrus.  For the most part this has to do with our weather, being warm and sunny almost every day of the year, even in the winter.  The only real issues are that there is not enough natural rain fall for most of these plants to grow on their own without human intervention, so while we may have the weather we do not have the water.  Luckily for most of the producers of food and fruit in the area, these issues have been long since solved through the modern irrigation and sprinkler systems, but this reliance on water being artificially brought in does have problems.  Many residents will almost never think of it, but the water that is automatically sprayed onto your grass every day or so is completely necessary for your grass to survive, and if it is shut off or turned down for even a few days it can result in the death of your lawn.  During drought times, this is mandated due to watering restrictions.  Yes, they understand that your lawn will probably get brown and die and enough water is not being distributed to it.  The water must be conserved for people and animals to drink during these times, even if the result is that you lose your investment.

As a home owner, it is your responsibility to conserve water as much as you can in order to do your part for the general good of our community, and one of the biggest things that you can do will actually benefit you in the long run.  The installation of synthetic grass to replace your natural grass can save up to 55 gallons of water per square foot every year, which can translate to hundreds of thousands of gallons of conserved water over time.  Synthetic grass is designed to look and feel exactly like real grass, without the hassles of watering and mowing.  Because it is a plastic product that is staked securely to the ground, it will not need sprinklers in order to keep it green and lush looking.  Because it is not a living plant it will require no trimming and mowing.  If you remove your natural grass and also replace any additional plants in your yard with water smart elements, there is a good chance that you can cancel your yard landscaping services and save upwards of 200 dollars per month.  You will also be saving on water bills, which together can add up to enough in a few years to literally pay for the conversion over to synthetic turf.

Not everyone cares about conserving water, and not everyone is going to want to participate in conservation efforts.  What we must remember is that even if you are not doing it to benefit our community, you will ultimately save money yourself through the conversion to artificial turf.  If you do not want to do it for the whole of Orange County, do it for yourself.

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