Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

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If you are interested in improving the curb appeal of your home, there are few things you can do to create a dramatic and elegant look that will equal the installation of low voltage landscape lighting. While the look of your home will not be altered during the day, after the sun sets you have the ability to shape your home using the shadows and illuminated areas in a way that adds not only safety but also a level of beauty that is unmatched. Landscape lighting started as a method of illuminating the pathways that people needed to walk on in the dark, so as to avoid trip and fall accidents where the surfaces may be uneven. People soon realized that this same method of illumination can also be used to create drama and call out interesting architectural elements around your house. If there is a dramatic rock, wall or tree, it can be illuminated from the bottom in order to make the shadows and light areas stand out. Your home itself can be uplit in a way that makes it look bigger, more imposing, warmer and a wide variety of other tones. This is achieved through the installation of low voltage landscape lighting.

Low voltage landscape lighting is installed into your yard using a power box that is connected to the power source, and then running lines from that box in a path that will allow for the installation of sequential lights or fixtures. This power line is not powerful enough to create harm is someone touches it, and will not electrocute animals or children that may come into contact with it. The charge that is carried is minimal, but designed to be enough to illuminate a small light bulb. The power flows along the wire, essentially losing power as it gets further from the source as well as being consumed by the fixtures in front of each other, meaning that several lines are going to need to be installed if there are numerous fixtures. The lights at the end of the run will begin to get dimmer than the beginning if too many fixtures are installed on the same run, or if the run itself covers too much distance from the source. This would not be an issue if a higher voltage wire was used, but because of the exposed nature of the wiring the low voltage option is the only one. Through this installation of fixtures along pathways and as dramatic uplighting aspects of the yard, your home can be transformed from a mundane visual element to a dramatic one. This simple addition can add thousands of dollars to the value of the home, due to the ability to create emotion and tone with light. If you would like to find out more about how low voltage landscape lighting can be installed into your Orange County home, contact us today for a free estimate. There is no obligation, and the job can be done quickly and cost effectively.

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