Synthetic Grass Saves Precious Water

Synthetic Grass Saves Precious Water

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Synthetic grass saves water, and this is one of the things that we can personally do to have an impact on our society through the choices we make.  Every time that we do something that is not completely necessary, we must consider how this choice might impact other people.  This is simply living as a culture instead of an individual, and even know we might be able to afford to waste things does not mean that we should do it.  In many cases, if we waste precious resources we are potentially would have a negative impact on the most vulnerable members of our society.  When watering restrictions are imposed on places like Orange County, it is because you’ve identified a potentially dangerous situation where water could run out.  If we were to run out of water, then those who rely on the public water supply for drinking are going to potentially have negative impacts to including loss of life.  When these kinds of choices are presented, essentially forcing you to choose between your landscaping and people dying, we need to always choose people over plants.

The simple installation of artificial turf or water smart landscaping where your current grass is located will save upwards of 50 gallons of water per year per square foot.  Every gallon of that water could be used for drinking by people and animals that are relying upon the public water supply in order to survive.  Even though you might be able to afford the water bills, and even the fines that you might get for watering when you are not supposed to, you must understand that this is not simply a matter of being able to afford it.  Instead, this is a situation where we all must contribute a little bit in order to protect the more vulnerable members our society who live around us.  By installing artificial turf at a time when we would need to repair or replace our existing damaged grass after a drought condition, we’re taking of potentially negative situation turned into a positive time to make an impact that is for the common good.  By taking the time to install synthetic grass, we are actually improving our houses due to the fact that they will no longer be impacted by drought conditions in a negative way at all.  We will be saving money that would be typically spent on water bills every month, and even if we do not care about other people in our culture will be doing something that has a positive impact.  This is why every member of our cities and towns in Orange County should be concerned with water conservation and doing their best to make sure that we do not waste even an ounce of this precious resource.  Just because we have never experienced a time when we run out of water does not mean that it can’t happen, and by installing artificial turf we’re taking the first step towards a better future.

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