Improve Your Space With Synthetic Turf

Improve Your Space With Synthetic Turf

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The latest trend in home ownership it is to remove living lawns and landscape plants and replace it with water smart landscaping or desert landscaping.  This is because there has been far more of a pushed words conservation and saving water than there ever has been in the past.  People are concerned about making sure that there is enough natural resources to go around, and even though there has always been ongoing drought conditions in Southern California, in the current time there is for more of attention paid to it.  When you can technologically improve your space by making it so that it does not need the same amount of water waste in order to look good and at the same time you remove your liabilities as far as working on it to keep it looking good, you realize you have a solution that is going to appeal to a far more broad scope of potential buyers.  This is why it is considered to be a home improvement if you remove your real grass lawn and replace it with synthetic turf.  This is not the old school fake grass that you remember from the seventies, that looked like a carpet rolled out over a hard surface.  Today’s fake grass looks so realistic that you will probably not know the difference between fake and real grass if it is installed properly.  You will notice that if the drought conditions happen, everyone around will have brown lawns and there will be green ones that look perfectly healthy and lush.  Those are the artificial turf lawns that people have upgraded their homes with.


Artificial turf is a synthetic product that is done by forcing colored plastic through metal plates that form it into grass blades that are cutting different lengths depending on the type of grass that is attempting to be recreated.  These blades are then adhered to a backing material that is water permeable, which is important because the old types of fake grass that did not allow water to move through it.  This created puddles and a strange look if it rained.  This entire product is placed over a cushioning material that makes it feel exactly like you are walking on real grass.  And once installed an appropriate manner is going to be unable to be noticed as being different.  What you will notice is that you do not need to work on it, and do not need to water in order to keep it looking good.  So when you see your neighbors sitting out in the yard and enjoying themselves on the weekend when everyone else is watching their lawns turn brown because of watering restrictions, then you will know who was smart enough to install artificial turf and who was still trying to make an old and antiquated situation work.  Upgrade your home to artificial turf today, and start enjoying yourself instead of being a slave to the house that you are paying for.

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