Flipping A House? Install Landscape Lighting


House flipping is an art form, involving the careful consideration of the elements that can be brought in to improve a property, and the prices they will cost vs the amount of money that can be charged for a completed job. Essentially, you have to understand how to do improvement work that will pay for itself plus a profit when you sell the house, paid for through the sale price being increased by your efforts. If you buy a house for 100k and install a new kitchen for 40k, you need to now charge at least 140k for that house to get your money back. Good flippers are not going to only make back their investment, but will actually cause a substantial increase in the home sale price through their efforts, ultimately bringing them a large profit for a few months work. Another element that goes into the art of flipping is that you are paying a mortgage for every month you hold the house, so the work must be arranged quickly and finished quickly, so as to not delay the process and eat into the profit. For this reason, house flippers understand the jobs that are going to create the biggest bang for their buck, and the ones that can be done cheaply and easily. Landscape lighting is universally understood as one of the best home improvement jobs that can be done in order to dramatically increase the wow factor of a home, this directly influencing the price you can get for it. Simply put, landscape lighting makes a house look far better with only minimal delays and cost, which works well for flippers.

Landscape lighting is about two things, increasing the safety aspects of the property by illuminating trip hazards, and beautifying the home through calling out dramatic elements. When landscape lighting is used for safety, the lines are installed along pathways so as to allow people to see the path in an elegant way. This will make the pathway safer to walk on, as people can get their bearings as far as where they are stepping. When landscape lighting is used for dramatic effect, it is positioned in a way that will illuminate dramatic elements like rocks, walls, house corners or trees. Through uplighting these elements, an elegance is created that makes the home appear more kept and expensive. Luckily for flippers, these types of things can be done for very cheap with respect to the additional price that can be added to the home sale. A landscape lighting job that costs 10k might bring back 50k in profit, just because the buyer now perceives the home to be worth more due to the dramatic display they see at night. Of all types of home improvement, landscape lighting is one of the least expensive with regards to the increase in feelings toward the home that buyers feel. If you are flipping a house, install landscape lighting to increase your profit

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