Artificial Grass In Anaheim?

Anaheim is a perfect location for growing almost any type of plant.  Our weather is nearly perfect all year long, and the ample sunshine provides nourishment for green plants and flowers all year long, never going into the deep freeze that is seen on the east coast and other areas of the country.  Because of the warm weather, we have become an area that is known for growing citrus, which is notoriously difficult to grow in other areas.  This is mainly due to the modernization of sprinkler systems and irrigation, allowing us to get water regularly to plants that need more than the natural amount of rainfall.  Because of our ability to provide water to plants year round, we have seen Orange County become an area that looks quite green, even if the surrounding areas look more like a desert.  This is one of the main reasons that people started planting grass lawns around their homes, because as long as you have the ability to provide water on a regular basis the plants will thrive.  Many went further than simple grass lawns and began bringing in tropical plants as well as plants that would not grow naturally here, creating a bit of an oasis effect.  While this is fine, the issues arise when you cannot legally provide enough water to your landscape to allow it to thrive.  During drought situations this is the case, and if you are going to obey the law you are going to need to sit back and watch as your lawn and landscape plants suffer and potentially die.  We are currently in a multi- year drought that is showing no signs of slowing down, which means that even if you patch and repair your lawn after the damage of last year, there is a good chance that it is all going to happen again.

We are entering the spring season as we speak, and many people are starting the process of repairing their lawns and choosing new landscaping plants for the summer.  Are you going to risk your investment money to fix up a lawn that might be killed off again this summer if they start the watering restrictions again? Wouldn’t it be far wiser to simply take the money that you were going to invest in new grass and apply that money toward artificial turf instead? Synthetic turf isn’t a living plant and therefor needs no water in order to look good.  It is made of a plastic that will need no  maintenance after it is installed in order to look fantastic.  Synthetic turf looks very realistic today, unlike the fake grass of the past.  There will be those who cannot even notice the difference between your synthetic grass and real grass, because the modern products look so real.  You will never need to spend time going out on the weekend and mowing, or caring for it at all.  Instead you will be able to enjoy your space while your neighbors see their lawns dying, and that is the best way to spend the day.

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