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Orange County is a perfect area for artificial turf.  While there are many residents who would question this mentality due to the fact that we are a perfect climate for growing nearly any kind of plant, including grass, the reasoning actually has less to do with the weather as far as temperature than you would expect.  While our constant moderate temperatures make it technically perfect weather for growing plants, the fact that there is not enough water for them to live naturally creates an issue.  In order to grow healthy plants in this area you must supply a continual water source every day.  If you do not water your plants daily, they will begin to dry up and suffer over time, and in the summer months this situation can kill plants quite quickly.  While most residents would still not see the issue with simply installing a sprinkler system to water your landscaping, the issue comes into play with regards to drought situations and legality.  Every few years southern California goes through a drought of some level, causing the local governments to enact restrictions on the watering of un-necessary plants.  While people and crops take precedence, your lawn does not.  The typical lawn in southern California will consume upwards of 55 gallons of water per year for every square foot planted.  This is recognized as one of the biggest wastes of water, and when restrictions are put in place it is understood that there is a good possibility that your lawn will die.  In these circumstances, as which happened this summer, many people are forced to make a choice as far as the future of their landscaping.  Do you spend the money to install new grass understanding that next year the exact same thing might happen, or do you make a smarter choice?

In Orange County, the installation of artificial turf makes complete sense.  Because there is an entirely good chance that next summer there will be a drought situation equal to if not worse than this year’s, chances are that you will be going through the time and expanse of replacement once again.  Artificial grass does not need water in order to look good, and never needs any care either.  Synthetic turf is made of a colored plastic that is formed into the length of grass blades that you want to have permanently in your yard.  The existing sod and plants are removed and the area is prepared with a compacted material that acts as an underlayment.  This prepared area is then covered by the artificial turf which is joined together and stretched to be seamless.  The entire surface is then staked to the ground and prepared so as to look and feel exactly like regular grass.  The difference is that there is no sprinklers necessary and even if they restrict watering completely it will not change at all.  While your neighbors are trying to keep their lawns alive you can be enjoying yours.  Contact us today to find out more about artificial grass installations in Orange County.

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