Orange County Loves Artificial Turf

Orange County Loves Artificial Turf

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Orange County is a special area, one that embraces new technology and changes in a way that will both improve life for the entire community as well as each individual person.  When there is a crisis, the community will almost always come together in pitch in in order to benefit each other.  Orange County residents are aware that our community is made up of more than just ourselves, which makes us different than many other areas of the country.  This may be one of the reasons why we’re seeing a trend towards removing real grass lawns and replacing them with artificial turf or desert landscaping.  This has to do with the recent identification of ongoing drought as a significant threat to the safety of our community and its residents.  Simply put, we have not been seen enough rainfall over the course of the last few years to adequately restore our water reservoirs to a comfortable level.  This can potentially impact our community by having water become more scarce, which ultimately leads to watering restrictions in order to prevent waste.  As people begin to realize their water supply is not unlimited, they also are beginning to wake up to the fact that wasting water on landscaping is not beneficial to our community.  The single square foot of grass in Orange County utilizes almost 50 gallons of water per year just to stay green, every one of those gallons of water potentially going towards the drinking water supply.  People are becoming more environmentally conscious in this regard, and oddly enough back environmental consciousness is also helping to save them time and money.


In the past, Orange County residents generally did not install artificial turf lawns because we have the ability to grow grass so easily as long as we supply it with an artificial water supply.  The artificial turf did not look and feel as natural as real grass in the past, but luckily the methods that have been used to construct a product that improved so much that now artificial grass looks and feels almost exactly like real grass.  When a professional installation company does the installation of your artificial turf, they will put it over a prepared surface as well as a weed barrier and a compacted rubberized material which will provide a cushioning effect that artificial turf did not have the past.  The turf is staked to the ground securely in a way that prevents the slippage and loosening the artificial turf had in the past.  Because the methods of installation as well as product construction have improved so much, people are realizing that installing artificial turf into their property is actually an improvement instead of a detraction.  Today, people are looking for a way to put less money and time into the maintenance of their property in order to spend more time enjoying it.  Artificial turf is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal, and a phone call and get the process started for you right away.

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