Now Is The Time To Install Artificial Turf

One common question that is asked is what is the best time of year to install artificial turf in Anaheim or Orange County in general? Luckily there is not the type of seasonality here that you will see in other places, where the weather changes dramatically and snow will interfere with almost any type of landscaping work.  Our seasons show us only a few degrees temperature change, and as a result we can really install artificial turf into your yard at any time of the year.  Naturally we get busier in the sprint time when people begin to prepare their yard spaces for the warmer weather and outdoor living, so we will usually see a pickup in the amount of people installing synthetic turf products starting in about March and lasting through the end of summer.  Over the course of the past few years though, there has been another reason to install artificial turf in the spring.  The ongoing drought has made it so that at this time of year people need to start deciding if they are going to put money into the repairing of a lawn that was damaged by the drought last year, or of they are going to allocate that money that would be spent towards putting in synthetic turf.

If you are just moving to the area, you may wonder why you see a lot of lawns that are brown or have patches of dead grass.  This was due to the drought conditions and watering restrictions that were imposed by the local municipalities.  You were not allowed to water your lawn enough to keep it green, because during drought times water must be conserved for drinking purposes.  If it is going to potentially come down to either lawns getting watered or people getting enough to drink, we have to side with the people.  As a result, water that is spent by putting it on your lawn is considered wasteful, and can result in fines.  In order to do their part to conserve water, Anaheim residents were forced to sit back and watch as their lawns suffered and possibly died.

So the question is if we believe that the drought s going to continue this year, and if we are going to enter another summer that ends up where we cannot water our lawns enough to keep them healthy.  If you believe that the drought is over, then spending money repairing the grass damaged last year is not an issue, but if you believe that we are going to see more drought then why would you spend money on something that is going to last only a few months before it dies too? Isn’t it a far better idea to allocate that money that you would have spent reseeding or repairing your lawn and just put in artificial turf, which never needs any care or water in order to look good? It seems like that is the smart choice, and as a result we are seeing that spring is the time that you should get that artificial turf installed.

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