How Is Artificial Turf Installed

How Is Artificial Turf Installed

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The installation of artificial turf is a process that is time consuming and therefore needs for an appropriate quote in order to assess how much customers will pay.  It’s impossible to quote the fixed price for artificial turf that will apply in all situations as doing so would need to assess the maximum amount of effort that will be necessary to clear and prepare each area.  Because some people have an area that is going to be covered with artificial turf that is much easier to clear and repair than others, it will be unfair to quote the highest price everyone.  This is the reason that we do an independent quote for each job, so as to be able to assess the area that we will be installing the artificial turf into.  Many companies will cut corners why not adequately prepare in the area, or potentially using less stakes men are required to adequately adhere turf to the ground.  This may look good on the day of the installation but over time will not age very well, creating separation at joining regions as well as edges, or loosening over time.  These types of installations will not age very well, which is why companies that are interested in creating the highest quality installation possible will always need to assess your particular yard before they give you the quote on the installation.


In order to install artificial turf we first must choose the type of material that we’re going to put into that area.  There are many different types of artificial turf, and the per square foot cost is going to depend on how much material is used in that particular type of fake grass, as well as the quality of the backing material that is necessary.  In order to quote for the labor of the installation we will need to assess how much work is going to need to be done in order to clear the area of all the debris and living plants, reshape the ground in order to make it level and grated properly for water drainage, and then how much necessary cushioning material will be installed in order to make the look and feel to be what the customer would like to be.  The more portion material is used, this offer the service will be but also will need to be compacted and shaped more.  A weed barrier is then installed in order to prevent the growth of any type of living material underneath the turf, then the staking the process begins.  There are certain amount of stakes that are required in order to keep the turf secure word to the ground, in order to have this installation last for many years it will need to be followed.  We do not save money by going light on the mountain stakes as we’re more concerned with the quality of your installation over the course of years as opposed to just on the day that we finished the installation.  Once it is installed, you should be able to add remaining three your word is enjoyable for many years to come.

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