Ditch That Grass This Summer

While Anaheim is hardly the desert, and we have far more rain than hotter communities, there is still no doubt among residents of southern California that if you do not water your lawn every day it will begin to get brown and die pretty quickly.  Most of us have automatic sprinklers and drip irrigation systems on timers that will automatically water our plants and lawn for us, and we see really quickly what happens to our landscaping if that watering stops for even a few days.  In addition to this, very few of us have the time on our hands to go out and water our plants and lawn by hand every day.  When you make it so that the watering is not possible because of the restrictions put in place by the city and county in order to conserve during drought times, you get to watch your investment in all that greenery dry up over the course of only a few weeks.  This is why so many Anaheim residents are turning to desert landscaping and artificial turf in order to keep that feeling of an oasis without the hassle and the bills.

Currently, the watering restrictions in southern California have been relaxed because we have received more than average rainfall, but that does not provide any assurances at all that they are not going to go right back into place this summer.  Investing in keeping your lawn is foolish at this point because if you pay money to keeping it looking good now, any increase in the restrictions on watering can quickly kill it.  If you violate the restrictions when they are in place you can face large fines and even potentially have your water shut off by the city.  Keeping your landscape looking great while still conserving is actually easier than you would think, and once it is done then you can sit back and enjoy it instead of caring for it and paying landscapers to mow it all the time.  Smart homeowners are improving their home’s values by moving toward water-smart landscaping, desert landscape elements and synthetic grass or rick.

But what if I want that green lawn look, doesn’t artificial turf look fake? You are probably thinking of the old products that were made years ago, or even might be remembering an old installation that looked like someone rolled a carpet out over the ground.  You also might be remembering the problems that artificial turf used to have with bagging and pooling water.  Today’s products are nothing like those old ones, and we are so confident that you will love it for years with no issues that we even offer a ten year warranty on products we install.  Our professionals use only the best synthetic turf that drains properly, looks and feels like real grass, and is not going to discolor over time.  It will look like a lush expanse of green grass, but never need any mowing or care.  Call us today to learn more about synthetic turf.

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