Artificial Turf Helps California

Artificial Turf Helps California

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Few people in Southern California keep water conservation in mind outside of the times whenever the government mandates it. We have had several droughts within our lifetimes, and most people who are longtime residents of Southern California remember the severe drought times whenever we were forced to shut off water to our lawns in our landscape plants. It was as if the entire community dried up and died all at once, and people remember the harsh realities of driving past lawn after lawn even in wealthy areas to see that all of the plants had died and the lawn had turned to hay the same way that an abandoned house looked. Nobody enjoys those times, but unfortunately the water restriction mandates are not something that are designed to be pleasant. Watering restrictions are like medicine, something that we must endure in order to survive as a community. You are forced to allow your lawn to die simply because there is not enough water to go around and also waste it. Yes, the community does feel that watering your lawn is a waste of water.

Whenever there is a watering restriction we must except the fact that it is going to cost us money as we watch our landscape plants die off. It doesn’t matter how much they cost to put in or how much you have paid to get your lawn and landscape looking the way it has, when the drought comes it is your responsibility to allow it to die. This most recent drought took the same tall on Southern California cities like Anaheim the same way it has in the past, killing off the grass that so many people had thought to create the best situation for previous to that point. Peoples lush lawns died off and ultimately needed to be replaced once the drought was over. During the drought itself it is expected that you would have a long looked terrible, but after the drought is over you are expected to redo your lawn so as to make it look good again. Anything short of this would hurt your property values, so many smart home owners are switching over to artificial turf instead of allocating the money towards redoing a living lawn. Artificial turf stays the same no matter how much water is allowed to flow across it, and you can expect that there will be another drought in the near future which will create the same situation again. Instead of making mistake after mistake, smart Anaheim homeowners are now making the switch to a permanent solution that looks good no matter how many droughts there are in the future. Artificial turf protects your home values no matter what the weather hands us. Smart home owners are protecting their property values through the installation of a permanent ground covering solution that will remain consistent in its looks no matter if drought conditions take hold or not. Artificial turf is the smart solution for those who like grass in Southern California.

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