Coastal Greenscapes

Winter Lawn Replacement

Southern California has mild seasonal changes.  Our seasons are nothing like the dramatic differences between summer and winter throughout the majority of the rest of the country, but we do have temperature differences between the two.  The summer has higher average temperatures, and is generally the time when plants will suffer more due to drought conditions.  In our area this year, the ongoing drought triggered watering restrictions that caused many property owners to lose their lawns and their landscaping plants, or at least caused the lawn to suffer tremendously turning brown and needing rehabilitation once the drought watering restrictions were loosened.  Unfortunately the ability to once again water more frequently is not going to be enough to restore your lawn to the lush and beautiful expanse of green that is was a few years ago, and you are probably going to need to put some money into it as far as re-seeding or replacement of dead areas in order to make it look good again.  This is a bitter pill to swallow for many people who have already put money into the upkeep of their lawns, only to be forced to watch it suffer and die under the restrictions.  The real problem is that there is absolutely no guarantee that the exact same thing will not happen next summer, at which point you will lose your investment again.  Isn’t it time to take a smarter path, and put the money that you would spend on your lawn into something that will not just die in the next drought? Isn’t it time to remove your lawn and replace it with artificial turf?

Winter is going to be the time when you need to make the decision to either spend money restoring the current lawn you have or allocating that money towards synthetic turf.  If you choose to replace your lawn with something more water smart that will not be effected by drought conditions, you are generally going to be choosing between hard surfaces like concrete or pavers, crushed rocks or artificial turf.  Crushed rock is not a good surface to use in areas that you plan on spending time, as the surface is too unstable to make for a good gathering area.  Concrete and pavers are good for areas where you want to put tables and chairs, but artificial turf is probably the best solution for play areas or places where you want to lounge.  Using a combination of pavers for gathering points and synthetic turf for the play areas will make a fine landscape that will not need any water, and will not be effected by the drought.  Winter is the perfect time to make this decision and to start planning out the installation to have it ready in spring when you begin to spend more time outside.  Contact us today to find out more about how we can create a water smart landscape for you that is both beautiful and functional, as well as not being at all effected by the amount of rainfall we get next year.  Don’t lose your investment a second time, make a smart decision.

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