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Use The Holiday Season To Upgrade Your Landscaping

The holidays are a time filled with stress and shopping, as well as going to parties and family get togethers.  You will probably be hosting people at your home this holiday season, perhaps even a few times.  You also many be having outdoor activities for your groups due to the fact that we live in southern California, and in the winter time the weather is still not so cold that we cannot spend time outdoors.  Because the summer was extra hard on your lawn and landscaping this year due to the watering restrictions and the drought, you may be thinking about doing some quick landscaping before your holiday get togethers in order to make your lawn look a little better than it currently does.  If you are like many residents of Anaheim or Orange County, you are looking out on your lawn right now and seeing brown grass that suffered so much over the hot summer that it may need to be re-seeded or potentially replaced all together.  So the question is that if you are going to do something right now in order to make your lawn look good for those holiday parties, it is going to be to attempt to rehab a lawn that might just die again in a few months if the drought continues next summer, or is it going to be something that has the ability to last and stand the test of time for years.  We are talking about taking out your current grass lawn and replacing it with artificial turf.

Synthetic grass is an ideal solution for the uncertain times ahead.  We literally cannot tell if next summer is going to give us more drought conditions and watering restrictions that kill off our lawn again or not.  Because it would be foolish to put a lot of money into the rehabilitation of your current lawn with the knowledge that it might only last a few months, you are either going to have to entertain this year on your old and brown grass, or potentially have an almost instant green and lush lawn that your family can enjoy for years to come.  Artificial grass is a synthetic product that is designed to look and feel exactly like a living lawn.  Once it is professionally installed people will have a difficult time noticing that it is not real grass, and best of all is that there will be no ongoing mowing or landscaping necessary because it is not a growing plant.  It will provide an ideal surface for children and pets to play on, as well as being far better than crushed rock to entertain on.  The artificial turf solution provides you with all the benefits of real grass and none of the headaches that go with it.  Best of all it needs no water so whatever happens next year with the drought will have no effect on you.  Quite simply, it is the wisest landscaping decision you can make with regards to the future, and it provides an instant lawn for the holidays.

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