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Prepare For The Drought With Artificial Turf

If you have not been paying attention, Southern California has had a drought problem for several years now.  Drought in our area means that the amount of rain and snowfall has not been adequate to fill the reserves enough.  There are measurable points that need to be achieved in order to assure that there is enough water for all citizens to drink, and if that level is not achieved the area immediately begins conservation efforts in order to assure enough.  While this may seem extreme to some people who see that water in reserve is still plentiful, these preventive measures are taken to guard against a more severe situation where the levels drop fast and cannot be recovered from, initiating an emergency.  The measures that are taken will generally be only minor inconveniences like not wasting water washing your car in the street, but as drought conditions become more severe the area will move on to more restrictive policies like not allowing residents to water their lawns enough to keep them green.  As summer heats up, the amount of water necessary to keep grass from turning brown increases, and unfortunately for home owners that have invested money into their grass, that water is more important to keep in reserve for people to drink.  Watering your lawn is considered wasteful, and in certain situations the amounts that you are allocated for your landscaping do not meet the amounts necessary.  While this will irritate those who lose their investments in real grass, it is necessary for our survival as a community.

One of the best things that home owners and property owners in southern California can do in order to not only save water but also protect their investments against drought related losses is to simply remove their grass and replace it with artificial turf.  This will result in a one-time charge for the purchase and installation of the turf, but following that point there should be almost no upkeep necessary and no watering bills.  In a typical situation where a home owner can be paying upwards of 200 dollars per month for landscaping services, the installation of artificial turf can literally pay for itself within a few years.  In addition to the savings, the fact that you now have a ground covering that looks clean and tidy, and provides all of the same benefits of grass is very appealing to many people.  The soft and stable nature of artificial turf that is correctly installed makes it a perfect ground covering for play as well as pet activities.  It also keeps your yard looking good with a uniform lush look that would actually be quite difficult to achieve with real grass.

So when you are ready to actually upgrade your yard to a ground covering that not only helps the community by saving water but also actually saves home owners time and money while looking superior to real grass, contact us.  We are the premier artificial turf installation company in Orange County, and will happily provide a free estimate on installation of hour new synthetic turf.

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