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How Artificial Grass Can Benefit You

California homes will generally appreciate in value as long as the economy is strong.  The benefits of good weather, sunshine year round and the Pacific Ocean provide an ongoing appreciation as people continually flock to the area seeking refuge from the cold winters in other parts of the country.  One thing to keep in mind with regards to buyers of homes who are coming to California for this reason is that they are generally looking for an easier life.  This means that they are looking for ways to reduce the amounts of stress that they have had previously, and generally yard work is not the most pleasant of ways to spend your time.  When people think about their new life in southern California, that are rarely thinking about mowing the lawn on the weekends.  They are thinking about going out and enjoying the weather, and if that yard work is going to get done they are probably going to have to pay someone to do it, especially in the summer.  This is why in many cases the best thing you can do to add value to your home for resale is to make it as low maintenance as possible.

Desert landscaping and artificial grass are great ways to improve the value of your home by reducing the amount of work that needs to be done in order to care for it.  An artificial lawn is made of synthetic plastic, formed to look like grass.  This is done by extruding the plastic through a plate with holes in it, making it take the shape of a blade of grass.  Each blade it then adhered to a backing material in order to keep them in place.  This backing material allows water to pass through it so as to prevent pooling that would make the artificial lawn look less real, and the issues with smell and discoloration that would come if pets were to urinate on it without the ability for the liquid to move through the backing.  In order to be installed correctly, the area in your yard is cleared of all existing plants and then prepared by smoothing and shaping the ground.  A weed barrier is installed to prevent weeds from growing in the future, and a compacted material is then installed and shaped to the ground to give a cushioning effect to the turf.  The artificial grass is then rolled out over it and staked securely to the ground.  The seams are joined and the edges are secured, then the grass is fluffed so as to look exactly like real grass.

When professionally installed, your artificial turf will need absolutely no care in order to remain looking good for many years.  You will be able to spend your weekends enjoying your lawn instead of working on it, and the fact that you now have a space that is enjoyable without any work involved will translate to potential buyers.  If you are thinking about improving your southern California home, consider an artificial lawn today.

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