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Add Artificial Turf This Winter

Southern California never really gets all that cold, and our “winter” season is more like spring on the east coast.  That being said, people do still have a winter mentality with regards to goals and getting things done, even in southern California.  During the months that follow the holidays, people tend to go into a kind of hibernation, where they simply go about their daily lives and do not undertake any new tasks or adventures until spring.  On the east coast this is probably due to the difficulties that go with being outside during these months, but on the west coast it is far more of a mental issue.  People are simply exhausted from the holidays and want to take some time to regroup before embarking on anything major.  Because of this slowdown across the board of most types of business, it is the perfect time to take care of some of those projects that you have been wanting to tackle, before things get busy again and the waiting periods are longer.  This is the case with landscaping, and if you are going to add artificial turf to your yard now is the perfect time to do it.

The summertime in Orange County over the past few years has had less rain than we need, and the winter snowfall in the mountains has also been less than is necessary to replenish our water reserves to the point that we need them to be.  Our drinking water supply is based upon these factors, and when there is not enough in reserve to make sure there is adequate clean water for people to drink then we need to go into conservation mode.  This will generally result in not being able to legally water your grass to the level you need to in order to keep it healthy.  Your lawn gets brown and dry, and may even die completely.  You are left with an unsightly looking yard, and are then faced with having to replace the grass or spend money reseeding and hoping you can restore it.  For those people who are just sick of spending money to restore their grass in the winter only to have it die off in the summer when the next drought season starts, there is the option of artificial turf.  This is simply a plastic product that looks just like real grass, it is installed where your grass was previously, using a process that removes the old grass and plants and then replaces the lawn with a synthetic one.  This new lawn is not made up of living plants, so it needs no watering in order to stay looking green and lush.  It also needs no ongoing landscaping because it does not grow.

Lets face it, there is no guarantee that we are not going to see another drought situation in a few months when the weather gets warm again.  There is a good chance that any money you spend restoring your lawn from last year’s abuse will be lost again this year.  The smart move is to use that money to install artificial turf once and for all, and not worry about watering ever again.

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